About BIMA

Scott Paulk

Scott Paulk
Licensed Agent

BIMA is the proud sister company of US Wide Financial. After guiding thousands of people through the mortgage lending process, we are excited to bring our reputation and relationship-centered philosophy to the insurance world.

At BIMA, we provide customized insurance policies designed to fit your needs, your family, and your lifestyle. We value relationships more than anything, and we want what is best for our clients. We’re dedicated to making sure that you’re covered correctly—and that you understand your options.

Many people take insurance for granted; they assume that all policies are the same and simply shop for the lowest price. At BIMA, we hope to change that. Our goal is to empower you to choose the best possible plan for you and your family.

There is no cookie-cutter solution that works for everyone. We work closely with you to make recommendations based on your individual needs and lifestyle. Furthermore, we take the time to make sure you know exactly what is covered under your policy. With that knowledge, you can enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing your family is well protected.

Last but not least, we have options for you. We write for multiple carriers, so if one company is a bit more expensive, we can shop around to find another option that’s not only cheaper, but also provides more coverage. This allows us to put coverage first and enables our clients to select the most valuable policy—meaning the most coverage for the best price.

Getting a quote is fast and easy. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and building a long-lasting relationship.