Home Insurance

Most people know that home insurance can provide funds to repair your house in case of damage. They may not know that home insurance policies cover your belongings: furniture, equipment, electronics, and clothing.

Some of the basics that Missouri home insurance provides include fire and storm damage. Home insurance can also provide coverage if your home is broken into and items are stolen or damaged.

Home insurance even provides coverage if someone is injured while visiting your home.

The main purpose of home insurance is providing you with the funds you need to rebuild your home, replace damaged or stolen possessions, and give you a place to stay if your house isn't habitable after a fire or other disaster.

According to the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration, homeowner's insurance policies will cover:

  • Smoke & fire damage
  • Hail & windstorm damage
  • Lightning & storm damage
  • Ice, snow, or sleet damage
  • Theft & vandalism
  • Damage from a vehicle

Special Home Insurance Needs

Ordinary home policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage. You need a specific flood or earthquake policy for protection in case of either of these events.

Coverage for Collectors:

An add-on to an insurance policy that provides additional coverage for special needs is often called a rider. Some people love to collect jewelry, or they have inherited antique furniture. Other people love to collect firearms or other collectibles. We here at BIMA can help you with a policy rider that will cover these needs.

Home-based business:

More people are working from home every day. We'll be glad to talk with you about a rider for your home-based business as an add-on to your home insurance policy.

You can find rates and levels of coverages for your home insurance using our online rating tool. Visit us or give us a call at our BIMA office to talk about your home insurance needs.